Sitting With My Thoughts

Sitting With My Thoughts

What do I want to write about?

I find myself sitting here with the desire to write, but unsure of what to say.

That usually happens to me when my brain gets too full – too many thoughts swirling around, bogging me down.

Here’s a list of some of them:

  • Ideas for businesses to start up
  • The benefits of meditation – I have really enjoyed a regular practice
  • Worried I’m misunderstood by people in my school-mom life (barf… hate that this is even on the list)
  • Navigating friendships and deciding what is/isn’t healthy in my relationships; what I want from my friendships and how to communicate it
  • Upset about choices my parents are making in how they live their life
  • A recent diagnosis I received – Ulcerative Colitis
  • Turning 40 – not in a negative way, just reflecting on it
  • Missing my family and friends, wanting to make an effort to see them, but feel like time is limited
  • Feeling thankful that we’ve set our life up to allow me to be there for the kids (and still carry guilt that not everyone has the space to decide what they want to do)

I’ve never done therapy before, but I’ve been wanting to start…

You’re probably thinking that’s a good idea after reading my list of thoughts 😊 I reached out to a therapist locally that a friend referred me to, and their waitlist is six months long. In addition, they charge $150/session and don’t accept insurance. I found that discouraging and haven’t widened my search.

So here I sit with my thoughts.

What do you do to process and eliminate thoughts from your mind when they start stacking up? Do you get the urge to purge things from your brain?

Perhaps if I start writing (again) about the above list of topics, it’ll help me out.

And maybe it’ll help you out, too.

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