Photo by Ashley Blake

My name is Jen Treese. I’m a thirty-something woman who is working towards building a life I love.

I felt things start to shift in me at the end of last year – unhappiness was quietly brewing. Even though I had a great marriage, a fantastic job, making a significant amount of money for my family, our kids (Avery, 6; Dakota, 3) going to good schools, and so many other blessings, something didn’t feel right. My job had me away from home six times over the course of the year. I was tired.

The sixth work trip took me across the country to the East Coast the week before Thanksgiving. My first flight out ended up being cancelled after I had already woken up at 3:30am and sat at the airport. Bonus: I got an extra day at home. Downside: I was exhausted. I left on a similar flight the next day and came down with a virus while traveling. I had the chills, was very nauseous, and then threw up on my final flight of the day. I landed alone, feeling miserable, in the rain (I know, right?), and needed to get myself on an Uber to my hotel – without throwing up again in the Uber. I was so anxious and far away from home. I ended up staying in the hotel room for two days before I felt healthy enough to go into the office. I thought to myself, “I miss my family. Why am I here, alone? Away from them? What’s the point?”

This site will share my experiences with the unraveling of the path I had chosen, and the decision-making process of changing course.

My wish for everyone is to be living the life they want, and if they aren’t there yet, to feel safe to pursue it. That may mean walking away from something you’ve put a lot of work into or changing your course 180 degrees and surprising those who love you or taking a risk.

But if you don’t make that change, you’ll be where are you right now… and ask yourself, “Is this where I want to be?”